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Menu nodes - command functionality


In my docks in several instances I need command nodes to start some programs.
Then and when I need some nodes which start the program but use specific parameters. Or which open a file which contains some information related to that program. Or which open a file browser which shows the contents of some folders to which the program is related (reading/writing files, backup directory), i.e. several nodes which are somehow related to the program node.
I have 2 options:
1: one menu node in the dock, the menu contains the program start button and all other related buttons.
This requires always two clicks, whatever I do. Since starting the program is >90% this is a significant waste of time...
2: one command node plus 1 menu node. Which is a significant waste of space...

My suggestion/feature request:
a combined command/menu node: clicking on the icon runs the command, clicking on the down arrow opens the menu.

It might be sensual to adapt the clickable areas. Or to use a short/long-click to distinguish. I would not prefer a combination keyboard/mouse or that purpose.


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