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Best REAL Program to use for AVCHD video format conversion

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Not looking for a Freebie necessarily, I need something that works properly.  No one here is a Pro at making movies  These are just several hours of Family Home Movies where we used a new (at the time) Video recorder and the format AVCHD must be a One-off from a Sony/Panasonic marriage of minds.  Nothing wrong with the video quality that the camera took.  Colors and all are astounding for such a tiny gadget but AVCHD wont play on Windows at all apparently and I am trying to keep all our videos and Photos in a digital format for storage

I have to convert it to some format that can be stored on a Home Media center and watched whenever someone wants to without having to play it back back through the camera.  There is no lack of software that claims to work but most of it has weird descriptions of capabilities and they always want you to get the FREE version first, THEN upgrade to the paid.  I hate to spend hours getting one configured only to find out it does not perform well or is a pain to configure.

Anyone know of one that works well and can handle the AVCHD format?  I am mot much into editing, I just like to see it like it was but minor adjustments and at least the ability to merge separate sessions into a single play would be nice


Install, run, drop video on it, hit Encode.

ever tried this?



Install, run, drop video on it, hit Encode.
-4wd (October 09, 2015, 10:53 PM)
--- End quote ---
  WORKS!  Thanks 4WD and has a boatload of options that i presume  are best left alone by neophytes such as myself?
I thought the conversion time was a bit long (took 36 mins to do a 3.2 GB file) but it id it with no errors and no questions asked and NO little hand poked out of the screen asking for $$ so I guess this is a really Free version? :Thmbsup:

I also managed to DL yours Franstam but have not yet tried.
I can tell you that whoever wrote their webpage does a great job of seeming to be trying to convince you that "Theirs' is the Greatest" .. BUT ...
then they proceed to issue and even BIGGER WARNING about reading the EULA with your attorney present, a thing that always manages to rattle my nerves.
Do you know what they mean by that?   :o


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