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Best REAL Program to use for AVCHD video format conversion

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Thanks 4WD and has a boatload of options that i presume  are best left alone by neophytes such as myself?-questorfla (October 09, 2015, 11:59 PM)
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The default Normal preset is good for anything that isn't device specific.  Otherwise, it has presets for Apple/Android devices among others.

I thought the conversion time was a bit long (took 36 mins to do a 3.2 GB file) but it id it with no errors and no questions asked and NO little hand poked out of the screen asking for $$ so I guess this is a really Free version?
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It's just a different interface to the HandBrake engine, a bit easier by default but you can still get in and tweak settings if required.

Otherwise, there's also ClipToolz Convert V2, (also free - need to use DropBox download link near page bottom), which is designed for quality conversions using ffmpeg or ffmbc but it has a interesting interface, (ie. VidCoder is easier).

In theory, given that AVCHD is just MPEG4-AVC + audio in a transport stream, you could just remux the video+audio stream into a MP4 format container which would only take a minute or two.

eg. Using ffmpeg in a CLI:

ffmpeg -i inputvideo.m2ts -c:v copy -c:a copy outputvideo.mp4

The media player just needs to be able to handle whatever audio format the stream is, most likely AC-3 if it's from a camcorder.

... they proceed to issue an even BIGGER WARNING about reading the EULA with your attorney present, a thing that always manages to rattle my nerves.
Do you know what they mean by that?-questorfla (October 10, 2015, 12:05 AM)
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^ it means the author of the page is #beep# #beep# #beep#, who should be whipped and removed from office. Don't just remove him, it's important that he gets a whipping as well - not because of the poor eula joke, (that's all it is, a poor joke), but because of the (lack of) design of the site; It's unbelievable bad.

The quality of the program is above average.

Yep, VidCoder works. I used it to convert movies to MP4 format, so they'll stream properly from my WD Cloud.

I can tell you that whoever wrote their webpage does a great job of seeming to be trying to convince you that "Theirs' is the Greatest" .. BUT ...
then they proceed to issue and even BIGGER WARNING about reading the EULA with your attorney present, a thing that always manages to rattle my nerves.
Do you know what they mean by that?   :o
-questorfla (October 10, 2015, 12:05 AM)
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That's a new wrinkle!
I normally expect Eula/installers to include about four things, sometimes copyright grabs of your content, installing weird stuff, and "don't sell our program" and your choice of a fourth.

But having an attorney present ... yikes!
At the meta level what does that even mean?!!

ever tried this?
-franstam (October 09, 2015, 11:17 PM)
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This used to be my go-to conversion tool, for video and audio. But the byzantine process the developer makes you go through to get to downloads to upgrade was just so ridiculous that I quit trying.


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