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strong micro usb cable

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In my experience short(er) cables don't break that easy. Myself, I haven't managed to break one...ever. But in my environment several kids between 7 and 15 run around with phones and tablets that I need to repair on a regular basis. They manage to break anything and everything.

Cables created by the manufacturer usually have wires with a bigger diameter and enclosed in a metal mesh. Combine that with a short length and the cable should be sturdy enough.

With cheap alternatives you get exactly what you (keep) paying for. Yanking any cable out of its socket shortens its life considerably. And if you do that long enough you will wear out the socket as well.

The big disadvantage of connectors being as tiny as they are nowadays, is that finesse isn't an option but a requirement every time you make and disengage the connection. Finesse only comes when you take the time to concisely make/disengage a connection. Saving money and annoyance only takes a second.

Monoprice cables are supposed to have a lifetime warranty, and I'm in the process of RMAing one right now that has had the cable jacket separate from the micro connector.  I'll try to remember to post how well the RMA process goes.

Update for anyone who cares (13 Oct 2015): Monoprice replied to my RMA request with the information that the cable is out of stock and isn't expected to be back in stock until 25 Dec 2015(!).  They gave the options of getting store credit or waiting.  I opted to just wait even though that seems to be a long time for getting an item like that back in stock.
-mwb1100 (October 10, 2015, 01:51 PM)
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Final update: after saying they wouldn't have replacements in until Christmas (at which point they offered store credit as an alternative), I received my warranty replacement today (19 Oct 2015).  I didn't have to send back the broken one, so I give Monoprice's warranty service for this cheap cable an A rating.

I buy Anker Premium 1ft cables and so far I've no problems.  Actually I have one problem, some of the cables 'disappear', maybe they they have teleporting capabilities that Anker don't advertise or could it be my kids... 

I recently bought a 6 pack so I'd have plenty of spares.


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