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Help with a link


Ok, first of all, thanks for the awesome job of maintaining this tool, it's very helpful. For tl;dr, go to the bottom of the post!

I'm studying a class online, it doesn't give any diploma nor certificate but still, it helps me with a lot of things. The problem is: I'm a slow learner and the classes will be offline October 1st! I have downloaded most of the video classes but since a few days ago, an update on their video engine stopped URLSnopper from working. Here is my workflow before:

Click on the class I want to watch -> (URLSnopper catches a weird flash link that plays the video on the browser) Click the only link it's snooped -> Click one of the three URL (one for each quality) the URLSnooper catched (usually .mp4) and save the video.

It was simple, really. Since yesterday, I noticed a few changes in the video player and now, after I click the link of the 2nd step I mentioned above, it takes me to the video but URLSnooper doesn't catch the mp4 videos. Here is an example link catched on the second step:

As you can see, the config is in: and over there, I can find the mp4 partial URL and I can even download it adding another partial URL the Snooper catches but still, it's a lot harder than before. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or this is the "new way" I'll have to use to download the videos?

Sometimes URLSnooper won't catch the URL at all, is there a better browser for this or a better way?

Thanks guys, any help helps!


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