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Request: 3rd option for dock mode - always visible but not reserve screen space

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Would it be possible to add a third option for "dock mode," where it is always visible but it does not reserve screen space? This would also require that it does not remain on the top, when other windows are open (but could be brought forward e.g. by ALT+TAB or by clicking on the icon in the system tray). It would be nice if it could remember where it was left on the screen the last time.

The problem I have with the "slide dock out of the way" option is that if I have it docked to the bottom, it hides behind my Windows toolbar and I can't get it to unslide (or maybe it does unslide, but it's obscured by the toolbar).

Even if I dock it to other edges, it will only show if I do a mouse-over; however, this defeats to purpose of it being a reminder, as I have to remember first that it's there and that I need to check it.

The other option of course docks it permanently visibly, which is OK, but on some screens I'd prefer to use the real estate instead. This 3rd option would be a compromise between the other two.

Thanks for considering.

Or to put it more simply, an "undocked" mode, when it's just a floating window, like any other Windows window.

PBOL can already be used as a normal undocked window.
You can turn off on-top behavior from general options.

Hm, I don't understand... I thought I already had that unchecked (see screenshot below). But it's still docked and stays on top.

Request: 3rd option for dock mode - always visible but not reserve screen space

Oh, never mind. I managed to figure out how to make it floating. But now it's gone all transparent (or greyed out, though my desktop background is grey). Is that because I have Aero disabled?


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