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Desklock Startup

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I ended up dragging Desklock to the system tray and then restarting. It seems to have worked. Thank you for all your help!


You are welcome.

I am using Desklock 1.2. Is there a way to retain the desk top placement of icons when restarting your computer? The custom placement of icons are lost. I would like to be able to keep the custom placement after rebooting.
Any suggestions?

As I'm not a Desklock Startup user so i'm not too familiar with it, though i see the main thread (here) and the download (here).

But it looks like Desklock should just function to keep your icons from deviating from your custom position, not make them reset after rebooting..

I hope a desklock user can assist, but let me ask first, if you don't use desklock at all, are you saying that you can move the desktop icons around but when you reboot they reset to all being on the left hand side?  If so, does anyone know what could be doing that?
If you right-click on your desktop and choose the View menu, is "Auto-arrange" enabled, like so:

if so, that could be the cause.


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