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Don't remember the name of a specific virtualization software, please help


Outertech Support:
About 5 years ago I've used a Windows Freeware tool that was able to contain a Windows executable file in a on the fly virtual machine.

All registry writes were redirected into data files etc.

I need it again, but I forgot the name and googling for 30 minutes didn't help.

Maybe someone from you does know what software I'm talking about.



"Sandboxie alternatives":
"Top 6 Best alternatives to Sandboxie":

He asked for a better alternative not just a replacement.:D Seriously, there is none. In the past, I seen other people ask the same question and is always the same, they are looking exactly for Sandboxie but elsewhere. That wont happen. If you want what SBIE does, you got to use Sandboxie. No alternative. In my opinion, the only other program that does sandboxing as good as Sandboxie is Defense Wall. Defense Wall:
--- End quote ---

or maybe Cameyo:

Outertech Support:
Yeah, it was Sandboxie. Thank you very much!


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