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BUG: Dancing objects after cropping, SUGGEST: Saving text by CTRL+ENTER


Scenario for bug "Moving objects after cropping"
1. Draw rectangle or any other object:
2. Select region before/above
3. Crop by CTRL+ALT+P or any other special cropping tool
Some objects are moved down:

1. Press CTRL+Z. Result:
2. Press CTRL+Y. Result:
Something wrong with Undo and Redo tools.

It will be more usable to set Hot-key CTRL+ENTER to save text dialog:
Now, this dialog is closing by pressing CTRL+ENTER without saving changed text.

Was just about to tell you I couldn't repeat the problem -- till I realized you are talking about the SPLICING OUT function (not cropping function), which removes some middle part of the image.  I'll see if I can't fix this.


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