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Any photoshoppers feel like trying to hauntify a house photo

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This is a long shot, but here goes..

I live in a 1929 five-story brick condominium.  Each halloween i get the idea to turn one of the photos i've taken of the building into a haunted house image and frame it and sneak it up in the lobby for fun -- but I just don't have the skills for it.

I found a couple of nice photoshop tutorials (the latter of which has a great download zip with helper resources).

*  -- this one has a download with it and looks amazing
What they do:

Here's a thumbnail of the original image I have (its aprox. 4200x2750 RAW; it looks very dark here but the RAW format has full detail to make it bright):

And for fun here's a nice HDR image I made from the raw image to celebrate winter:

The full RAW image (16mb) can be downloaded: here.

I can't offer much by way of compensation but I could certainly offer *one* person $50 if the result was good enough that i used it -- i know it's not much.. but if you are interested in making a serious attempt, maybe contact me first or post here so that we don't have multiple folks expecting to be compensated.

Extra credit if you make it a GIF with a jumpscare. :)

I can't print an animated gif -- this is going to be blown up large and printed and framed!

Don't be a party pooper! Use a digital photo frame! Or a 4K TV!

:P ;D

Cool house! I don't feel competent enough to do what you want.
But you could also set up one of these:
Remote Controlled Flying Ghoul Prank Freaks Out Joggers & People In Park
(esp. starting at 1:45)

Full size remote control flying Witch

Skeleton on the motorcycle scares people- Prank Brazilian


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