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Unable to edit text of clip in search results


If I do a search of clips in CHS for (say) the text string "duches" and pull up only 2 clips (ticked as "favourite") with the string "duches" in them, I am unable to edit either clip because the cursor dodges about as it keeps returning to the start of the highlighted search string in the clip being edited.

I think CHS has behaved like this for quite a while, and this behaviour is repeatable.

I'm not sure whether it behaves like this because of something I am doing.
Am I doings something wrong? Is there a workaround?

Never noticed this before but i can repeat the bug -- i will fix  :up:

@mouser: Thanks!
From experience, the initial thought I have when I come across something like this is that it is "user error", rather than "It's a bug"...    :-[
It's only when I have the time to test out and establish whether it is consistent and repeatable that I presume that it could be a bug.

Please try the latest beta I just uploaded (v2.32.01).


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