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Klingon Support

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With version 15.80, XYplorer has added Klingon support.

Does any other software support Klingon?


Update: I was being funny.  But a little googling brought up this:

and Max OSX:

I was looking at something (can't remember what) just a couple of days ago and saw there was a feature request to add Klingon support. At first I was a bit amused, wondering why anyone would add Klingon language support. But then after looking further into it, and seeing the developer(s) respond positively about the request, I convinced myself that Klingon must be some tool or programming language of some kind that I hadn't heard of. I convinced myself that it was inspired by--and named after--but not actually the aliens/language from Star Trek.

It seems I was wrong.

Nicely spotted @xtabber - thanks. Very droll.

@Deo - it's not a joke. The Klingon language from the StarTrek universe has been developed into a completely usable language - including a fully realized grammar and vocabulary - by its admirers. It's even possible to take formal classes to learn it.

There are some people who actually prefer to use (or in some cases insist on using) Klingon instead of other "natural" or "non-artificial" languages. It's true that many of them are under some form of psychiatric care, but they're out there nonetheless.


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