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Chromium bug... turned into a game?


Courtesy of Make Use Of:

Chrome’s Terrible Bug Turned Into a Game

As of Monday, Chrome is vulnerable to a bug that can crash any tab, just by hovering over links with certain characters in succession. This is obviously terrible, but you know the old saying: when life gives you bugs, make bug-based games.

3030 is a simple game where you move your mouse through a maze of potentially browser-crashing links. Don’t touch a tree!

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From the page
Mouse your way through the map without touching the deadly trees! (Chrome, Opera, etc. only)

WARNING: Do you have important, unsaved work open in other tabs?
You need to close this tab RIGHT NOW. Go save your work. Come back. Enjoy!

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My Chrome tab goes to "Aw snap" as soon as I hover anywhere on those images. Tree or not.

My Chrome tab goes to "Aw snap" as soon as I hover anywhere on those images. Tree or not.
-rgdot (September 22, 2015, 10:51 PM)
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Mine did it as advertised.  Not sure why yours is different behaviour.  The code and the rationale behind it is really simple too.


--- Code: Python ---yield '[ohai]:'yield '[onoe]:'
That's the two lines that replicate the bug.  The bears are linked to berkeley, and the trees are linked to stanford.  And I'm sure there's something behind that. :)

Those are arranged by a python script into arrays with the images, using a map file to position them in markdown.  So with it being that simple, not sure why it wouldn't work.

One caution that I found out the hard way... if you do this too many times, you can corrupt your chrome for any other tabs you have open.  That's why they said close all tabs, even though it only messes with one.  After that, since I had amazon up, when I tried to browse, Amazon would lock up my machine.  I cleared the cache for the last hour... and it started working again.

Interesting and clever. :)


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