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15 hours and change as of post time.

Edit:  This is a registration key for the full version for one year no updates.  I see it is on several of the freebie sites today.  I think it is all the same deal.  One license key fits all.  :)

Regular product page:

I installed this and registered it without issue.  I ran a "simple defrag" and it took just about 10 minutes on my system.  Evidently even using the simple defrag the Pro version takes a more thorough approach than the Free.  Usually if I do analyze and it shows less than 1% fragmentation the defrag takes about 5 minutes. ( Edit: Just for grins I did a simple defrag by pushing the defrag button.  Just the analysis took 7 minutes whereas on Free it is more like 2 minutes.)

The one thing I do not like so far is the application's main window.  They disable the size box and assume you have a normal height Taskbar.  Well I have a triple height Taskbar and even though there is nothing written in the bottom section of the window that is obscured by the Taskbar, it will not let me resize the window.  The Free version lets me size the window as I like.  I don't understand the insistence on the window size.  (Edit:  I sent a suggestion about it via "Contact Us" on the web page.  But usually the guy running the page reads those. If it isn't about the site being broken likely it gets chucked in the bit bucket. )

But usually the guy running the page reads those. If it isn't about the site being broken likely it gets chucked in the bit bucket. )

-MilesAhead (September 21, 2015, 11:00 AM)
--- End quote ---

I did get a pro forma reply from Auslogics Support about allowing user resize of the main window.  Even if they insist on making it fixed size they should at least get the desktop work area to account for the taskbar.  As it is there is plenty of wasted space in the information display.  I don't see why resizable with a vertical scrollbar would ruin things.

After using this a couple of days the main thing I like over the Free is the fragmentation analysis gives percentage fragmented to 2 decimal places.  If less than 1% fragmented the Free analysis shows 0% fragmented.  But in my experience with it I fragmented anyway because there was no way to tell how close to 0 the fragmentation actually was.  I noticed a speed up often after defragging a "0% fragmented" drive with the Free version.

The Free version is actually a bit faster if used frequently.  But for free I'll use the Pro until the license expires.  :)

I got an email from Auslogics Support asking for a screen shot and explanation of the problem.  I always liked their free defragger.  I must say I am impressed they followed up the next day after the form letter reply.

Now it remains to be seen if they will allow the window to be resized.  :)
Here is the screen shot I sent if anyone is curious.

Note: I tried inserting it inline but it gets cropped at the bottom.  So it goes.  :)
Reading Slaughterhouse 5 I can't stop saying "so it goes."

So it goes.  :)

NOW it decides to work.  So it goes.


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