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multiple Docks at left screen (reserve space) - only one keeps position/size


Hi, use LBC docks for starting quite a number of macros, some are of universal interest, some are program specific, as I already mentioned here:

At the very left edge of the screen a "basic" dock is positioned, which is visible all the time. Just next to it to the right one of 6 docks shall be positioned which are specific for a certain program. These docks are toggled by hotkeys. All docks are set to reserve space.
Unfortunately, the docks are restored to floating docks, and I have to grab them and drag them to a region just right of the "basic dock" so they find their position and size as desired (attached to basic dock, and full workarea height).
Once I have done this they keep their position and size after toggling.. until restart of LBC.
I tried to reset size and position for every dock, but it did not help.
I tried to set values for x- and y-position - no change.
Do I overlook something?
Or a bug?

Note: there are two more docks (top and bottom), which are set to autohide.

win8.1 64

Pleas excuse my delay in replying -- I'm out of town until the 26th and have been working furiously on a major update to the DonationCoder forum/website so I've fallen a bit behind in replying to posts about my software.  I will try to remedy that when I get back in town.

No problem, take your time.

Just to complete: After manually dragging the docks to the "trigger point" the width is as it was set before, they seem to keep their (other) properties.

Another observation: The space is reserved always for the first (most left) dock, but only sometimes for the additional docks, thus programs might be covered partially behind the docks. Could not yet find a systematic situation yet.

Hi, mouser,
Just discovered some further unusual behavior and a possible solution, at least some aspects which might give valuable hints. However, some systematic testing is required and therefore more time than available. I will be back as soon as possible, but not earlier than tomorrow... This is just to inform you that should not invest your time at the moment unnecessarily.
Kind regards

Hi, mouser,
I found some systematic behaviour.
Settings: 6 docks, in the LBC tree consecutively named #1 ...#6, all set to reserve space, all with a hotkey, and set to toggle, no position assigned, all other options = default.
dragging #1 to the left: as expected, a grid is shown, then the dock is snapped to the left screen border and displayed covering the whole height of the screen. A maximized window is adjusted, the left border just snapped to the right border of dock #1.
Dragging dock #2 to the left: a grid is shown next to dock#1, and dock #2 is snapped and displayed as desired, just right of dock #1 and covering the screen full height. However, the maximized window is not adjusted, the left border still snapped to dock #1.
Dragging additional docks to the left: they all are snapped to dock #1, resulting in a stack of 5 docks, on top dock #2. Hiding the docks consecutively reveals that the further ones are in a reverse z-order (#6, #5, #4, #3).
After hiding all docks by assigned hotkey, and restored again reversely, starting with #6, the docks are all displayed, and the maximized window is correctly adjusted (left border snapped to the right border of the most right dock, may it be #6 or #1).
Hiding one of the docks left to the most right dock, let us say #4, the docks right to #4 are moved to the left, #3 is now snapped to #5, maximized window is adjusted: still snapped to #1, adjusted width.
If #4 is restored, it is snapped right to #1, yet the maximized window is not restored. Additional docks which are hidden and the restored are snapped right to #1 in stack as described.

Seemes in total that starting with a second dock snapped next to a first dock these additional docks seem to not reserve the space, unless they are restored in reverse order...

Did not test other screen borders (top, right, bottom).

Hope this information is useful. Could also deliver an easy-screencast-recorder file, but it is about 20MB....


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