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Jaco Pastorius Documentary


I watched this documentary yesterday.  It is a real shame Jaco got dropped into the meat grinder of success.  I knew he was "address deprived" after his fall from grace.  But I didn't know all the gory details.  I only saw him perform once live.  It was at the Berkley Performance Center in Boston.  I never saw anyone before or since do the stuff he did solo between sets.  It was Weather Report touring in support of the Heavy Weather album.

The strange thing is, the show was sold out.  I went to see Al Dimeola at a club nearby and headed to the performance center just because it was within easy walking distance.I had never been there before and followed a woman who was headed into the place.  It turns out she went into the entrance for the employees and talent.  I guess the guys watching the entrance assumed I belonged there because I walked in like I owned the place, not knowing what I was doing.  To add to the serendipity, two people did not show up and I slid into one of the open seats.  I am glad that happened otherwise I never would have witnessed this genius.  Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter are not boiled spinach either.  But Jaco was from some oher planet.


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