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HOT-key utility (preferably free of course) compatible with Windows 10

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I have one somewhere that i used on XP and win7 and maybe Win8 but I cannot remember the name of it
Best Hot-Key manger I ever used though I am sure there are better.  This one was written by someone in France i think.
Windows 10 has so many "presets" i am not sure if it would work here even if I find it.  A user in the office just want to be able to hit (example) ctrl + P and get the word "Products" or something similar to be typed for her on whatever she is doing..  And it has to be drop-dead-simple to use :)
and "No, she isn't blonde".  :)

> I don't think hair-color has anything to do with

"Hot-Key manger" and "hit (example) ctrl + P and get the word "Products"" - are they not two different things :-\
Maybe not -
but would help if you gave some more details about what you want it to do :up:

@questorfla You were using Clavier+ at one point.

clavier ... it's French for yogurt .... errr ... keyboard

@questorfla You were using Clavier+ at one point.

clavier ... it's French for yogurt .... errr ... keyboard
-4wd (September 17, 2015, 07:07 PM)
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and it does do both (open apps and e.g. insert text)  :up:

This looked like it might be useful - I think I shall trial it for my use, anyway - I stumbled upon it whilst searching the AutoHotkey Help file (which is a mine of information):
Hotstring Helper

Andreas Borutta suggested the following script, which might be useful if you are a heavy user of hotstrings. By pressing Win+H (or another hotkey of your choice), the currently selected text can be turned into a hotstring. For example, if you have "by the way" selected in a word processor, pressing Win+H will prompt you for its abbreviation (e.g. btw) and then add the new hotstring to the script. It will then reload the script to activate the hotstring.

--- Code: Autohotkey ---#h::  ; Win+H hotkey; Get the text currently selected. The clipboard is used instead of; "ControlGet Selected" because it works in a greater variety of editors; (namely word processors).  Save the current clipboard contents to be; restored later. Although this handles only plain text, it seems better; than nothing:AutoTrim Off  ; Retain any leading and trailing whitespace on the clipboard.ClipboardOld = %ClipboardAll%Clipboard =  ; Must start off blank for detection to work.Send ^cClipWait 1if ErrorLevel  ; ClipWait timed out.    return; Replace CRLF and/or LF with `n for use in a "send-raw" hotstring:; The same is done for any other characters that might otherwise; be a problem in raw mode:StringReplace, Hotstring, Clipboard, ``, ````, All  ; Do this replacement first to avoid interfering with the others below.StringReplace, Hotstring, Hotstring, `r`n, ``r, All  ; Using `r works better than `n in MS Word, etc.StringReplace, Hotstring, Hotstring, `n, ``r, AllStringReplace, Hotstring, Hotstring, %A_Tab%, ``t, AllStringReplace, Hotstring, Hotstring, `;, ```;, AllClipboard = %ClipboardOld%  ; Restore previous contents of clipboard.; This will move the InputBox's caret to a more friendly position:SetTimer, MoveCaret, 10; Show the InputBox, providing the default hotstring:InputBox, Hotstring, New Hotstring, Type your abreviation at the indicated insertion point. You can also edit the replacement text if you wish.`n`nExample entry: :R:btw`::by the way,,,,,,,, :R:`::%Hotstring%if ErrorLevel  ; The user pressed Cancel.    returnIfInString, Hotstring, :R`:::{    MsgBox You didn't provide an abbreviation. The hotstring has not been added.    return}; Otherwise, add the hotstring and reload the script:FileAppend, `n%Hotstring%, %A_ScriptFullPath%  ; Put a `n at the beginning in case file lacks a blank line at its end.ReloadSleep 200 ; If successful, the reload will close this instance during the Sleep, so the line below will never be reached.MsgBox, 4,, The hotstring just added appears to be improperly formatted.  Would you like to open the script for editing? Note that the bad hotstring is at the bottom of the script.IfMsgBox, Yes, Editreturn MoveCaret:IfWinNotActive, New Hotstring    return; Otherwise, move the InputBox's insertion point to where the user will type the abbreviation.Send {Home}{Right 3}SetTimer, MoveCaret, Offreturn
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