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How to fix save directory?



I've been using Screenshot Captor for a number of years and love the program; however, it has always bugged me that it keeps changing my save directory.

I have set all the directories in the My Favourites to point to my save dir. I would like any screenshot or image modifications saved to that folder.

Because SC is so good, I have set it as my default application for PNG files. The problem is that every time I open a PNG from somewhere else on my computer, Screenshot Captor changes the save directory to that location. - I don't want that. I just want it to open the image.

Then when I take a new screenshot, it doesn't go back to my save location, but stays and also saves to that location.
This is a problem because when I want to go back to a screenshot I took a few days (weeks) ago, I can't find it. It could be anywhere.

Is there a way to change SC to ensure it doesn't switch the save location and always saves to the same location?


there are two places where you can set your default save folder, maybe you can change the save folders in either of the options?

1. Options > The Basics > Saving and Loading Files > Where to Save Screenshot Files.
2. Advanced Tweaking > My Favorites > Favorite directories > Startup directory.

Hi lanux128,

Thanks for your reply.

I already have all these settings set, but as soon as I open a PNG that sits in a different directory, the Screenshot folder (Options -> The Basics -> Saving and loading Files) changes to that new folder and any subsequent screenshots I take get saved there.

I don't want the Screenshot folder to change.

This is an issue that has come up a few times, for people who like to use Screenshot Captor to "manipulate" image files that may be scattered around their computer.

The root of the issue is that when SC doesn't just open a file for viewing, it always switches to the directory of the open file in order to show the contents of that directory in its thumbnail panel.

So let's discuss what you can do now to workaround the problem, and then what features/changes might make it more convenient.

* First, as a "workaround" -- SC has a "GoTo" menu that you can fill with your favorite directory (or a list of them), so that you can very quickly jump back to your preferred directory.
Next up are possible improvements I could add:

* One fix would be to add an option that would always CHANGE to a specific directory (or directory pattern based on date for that matter), when performing a new screenshot; this would leave SC basically as it is, except that when you take a screenshot it would leave the current directory (if different) and jump to the one where you have configured it to save screenshots.
* Another option would be to allow SC to open a single image without "changing" screenshot directories.. So your thumbnail panel would stay focused on your screenshot directory.  I worry about this option only because it seems like it could lead to some real confusion.  But perhaps it could be done by having SC operate in a somewhat different mode when it's doing this, and closing the thumbnail panel when in this mode.

Hello Mouser,

Thank you for your reply and the suggestions.

I prefer your second option, but would like to modify it a little:
Could you not just put a tick box close to the 'Screenshot folder' field in Options -> The Basics -> Saving and loading Files, that 'fixes' the folder for both saving and thumbnail view? I.e. when ticked, it will always use the specified folder to save images and display the folder's content in the thumbnail view, regardless of where an image is opened from.
Maybe it could be called something like 'Always save in this folder'. or 'Always use this folder'
If left unticked (default), SC could continue to function as it does now.


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