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How to change screen capture "shutter" sound?


I just installed the software, and was tweaking it to my preferences. I would like to change the shutter sound to a custom one, but I can't find the option to change it, only to enable/ disable it.

I tried deleting the original shutter sound file from the program directory and placing the desired one with the old one's name "CAMERA.WAV", but no dice. The program seemingly ignores that file, plays the original anyways.

Hi Furtive!

I'm surprised more people don't ask for this.
What you did should have worked -- you probably have to restart the program before it will take effect.

However, there is an easier way.  Go to the "More Interface Options" tab -- near the bottom is where you can customize the sound file used.

Thanks! Found the setting and successfully changed it.

I had simply missed the option and its location before.

Great  :up:

A short and efficient Q&A?
What kind of sorcery is this?  :o


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