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Share your academic research thread..


I know we have a lot of graduate students (or past graduate students),researchers, and amateur hobbyist scientists here on DC.. I thought maybe it would be nice to have a thread where people could share a little bit about their research topics.

Tell us about your research/studies, open problems, struggles, passions, etc..

No one wants to start us off?

I am involved in a Master of Science program in Information Assurance. I am currently writing, or in the process of starting due to unforeseen delays, my masters thesis. My thesis will be a gap analysis on current cyber security curriculum at my university while highlighting areas for improvement/advancement. My hope is to change the curriculum and shift it to a split program. The first program will be the current information assurance program while my hope is that the second will be a dedicated cyber security program focusing on more advanced and technical portions of the curriculum while also diving into the intelligence and operations planning side of the house.

After that, I am seeking enrollment at Dakota State University in their Doctorate of Science program in Information Systems (Specializing in information security). More to follow!


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