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Livestation .m3u8 streams.



I found these streams (from with Url snooper but I can't get them to play:- (CCTV News.) (France24.)

I've tried PotPlayer (which plays my other .m3u8 stuff) and also MPC_Home Cinema which normally works but neither can recognize the streams.

The streams don't appear to be protected in any way and as I'm from the UK they shouldn't be country restricted.

Can anyone else get them to play as if so it may be my isp that is blocking them for some reason and if that's the case then I'll have words about it.

Appreciate some help with this.




I've managed to fix this myself.

I had a look at some Windows Updates installed prior to this problem showing itself and one, a none security related DirectX update was causing it.

After uninstalling that update the streams are working fine now.

This sort of thing just makes me more stubborn to upgrade to Win10 because of the forced updates policy which is going to mess a lot of people up in my opinion.



Thanks for taking the time to post about this, Colin -- you may help others who encounter the same problem.


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