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In this post, CodeTrucker mentioned that he was looking for a White-on-Black or Transparent Menu-Less Text Displayer.  Many people came up with some creative solutions using existing software, but it came to me that this was a logical extension of my Reference Overlay Tool, and shouldn't be too hard to code.

I was right and wrong- dealing with the varieties of text turned out to be a lot more intricate than dealing with a couple of set image formats.  But it's done, and I present Text Overlay Tool.

I now have a functional release- download it here.  And comment on the project below!


With .NET 4.5 installed, unzip application to location and run.

Feature Map


* Opens Text or Markdown files (if the file is formatted in markdown, it displays the markdown format)
* Allows the preview to be refreshed manually
* Specify an opacity of the window
* Allow the changing of the background of the window
* Can export to HTML or PDF (determines which one you want by filename used)
* Borderless, movable, resizable minimal interface
* Window background can be set.
* Can be set to always on top
* Watches chosen file for changes, and updates on the fly.

* Global Hotkey to enable control no matter where the cursor is
* The ability to change the font style and color.

Awesome  :up:

With some improvements this might be a good app for your NANY 2016 entry.

I'm thinking it might solve my problem of needing a constant reminder of Keys/Commands while playing a game. Thanks

Is there a way to drag-and-drop for text files?
Actually, I guess I need detailed instruction manual <sigh> - so far, all I've been able to figure out is to run it, then use the markup open (switching type to Text) to open an existing text file (oh, the info button and Settings work) - which will suffice...
but I was figuring I'd be able to type text directly in.
It shows up in the context menu, but it doesn't accept the text file
Obviously I'm not catching on... lol
It DOES look like it'll be just the thing for me as a cheat sheet for gaming

is there a way to make the noteopad editable? it would be nice to have a little transparent note sometimes.


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