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Hyper Plan 50% off

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No affiliation of any kind. 50% off soon on BdJ.

Don't remember seeing it before. I noticed it while browsing BdJ, seems something that would interest me at least, I am always looking for a planner or organizer that puts as much info in front of my eyes as possible. It's like organized post it notes. Now trialling (it's running ok on Wine) it.

Hyper Plan 50% off

I like the simplicity of notecards for tracking tasks, so this looks like it might be a good fit for me.

Don't remember seeing it before.
-rgdot (September 14, 2015, 01:57 PM)
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According to the wayback machine on, it looks like it started availability last December.  According to a comment left by the vendor in a previous BDJ offer, they also develop "Perfect Table Plan" software (  Perfect Table Plan looks like a rather specialized bit of software, but the website might give an indication of how well HyperPlan might be supported.  It's a good sign that several of the requests made in comments to the last BDJ offer for HyperPlan have apparently already been implemented - particularly clickable links in the notes.  Actually, the old comment stream on BDJ seems to be very favorable (and I think that BDJ is often a tough crowd), with the developer also being very engaged in the discussion.

I look forward to any opinions you might form - I'm not sure if I'll get much chance to try it out.  If it's any good, $20 for a per-user (limited to 5 machines, but cross PC/Mac) license would be a nice bargain.  But software like this is really sensitive to matching how one thinks and wants to move things around, so it's really impossible to know if it's a good fit without trying it out.

Looks interesting

Full price is:
$40 / £25 / €33

For followup ... I did not end up buying, main reason is that I have so many scattered info managers and similar software that I would not be able to make good use of another one. Having said that I still really like it and my original thought (ie max amount of info viewable in one window) makes this very useful.

It is going to be on BdJ again soon. Looking at its new version 2 there is lots to like. Might go for it this time.

sidenoteI often read outlinersoftware but never registered ... not sure if Andy, the Hyperplan developer, let out a secret or not but there he says BdJ take a 50% commission... wow (wow in my opinion at least)


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