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Some photos from our last walk

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Perry Mowbray:
Sandi and I have just come back from 14 days walking (Newcastle to Sydney), which is in preparation for our walk up through the Australian Alps (Victoria to Canberra). That walk will be over 700km, this one was just 250km.

But a few photos from this walk:

Perry, this was really interesting to see.
Thanks a lot for sharing!  :up:

Eh... :

Some photos from our last walk

?  8)

Perry Mowbray:
Ah, Curt... we couldn't resist... and the tree was open at the back!!

Reminded us of those old face cut-outs at the fair  :D

Wow Perry. The photos are very good and some worth for a wallpaper.

Thanks for sharing.



Beautiful photos, and beautiful presentation -- was it hard to create that presentation?


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