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Chocolatey...opinions? portable?

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Anyone tried Chocolatey?

...and anyone successfully using it portably?

I use it all the time.  What do you mean by 'portably'?

I had tried it before it was cool.

There are some packages in it which don't work well due to missing "gcc" or something (maybe that's a package maintainer fault though); other than that, it's probably the best solution if you try to get something like apt.

^ That is the packagers fault.  Each one is going to behave differently depending on how it's packaged.

I also thought that maybe I should clarify what I mean by "what do you mean by portably".  Did you mean the repo?  Or the application installs?

I use it all the time.  What do you mean by 'portably'?
-wraith808 (September 13, 2015, 09:39 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks for the comments.

I'd rather not "install" on a system but rather be able to have it and the associated apps be "portable" in the sense of "portable apps" so for example transportable on usb media.

AFAICT, the typical set up requires a specific environment variable be set on the system (got the feeling that just via a .bat file was insufficient).

Looking at some of the supported functionality I guess even if Chocolatey itself could be made portable, quite a few of the apps would not be (at least some aren't packaged in a "portable" way).


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