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JetBrains (IntelliJ IDEA, Resharper, etc) moving to a pure subscription model

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JetBrains, the developer of some popular development tools such as the IntelliJ IDEAJava IDE and the Resharper add-in for Visual Studio, is moving to a pure subscription model for most of its products in November.

Once that happens, you will no longer be able to purchase a license for those products that will work perpetually (if I understand the press release and FAQ):


This looks like it'll bring a lower initial cost for these tools, but I for one like the idea that if I need to I can fire up a two year old tool without hassling with making sure a subscription is currently in effect.  I wonder how upset their existing customer base will be (or not be)?

Actually, now that I look at things again, the planned regular prices for the one year subscription don't always look like a discount from today's perpetual license. In fact for some, the price is going up (WebStorm is $50 for an individual license today, and will be $99 for a 1 year subscription under the planned model)!

The bad thing about resharper is it's subject to Visual Studio working with it for your perpetual license to mean anything.  So even if you get it now and think that you've gotten over, when VS 2016 comes out and it doesn't work with it anymore, you're SOL.  I'm *still* using PHPStorm 5 to this day.  And Webstorm used to be a lot less than PHP Storm.. .they're now the same price?!?

Ugh, that massively sucks. Greedy bastards!

I really, really hope the developer outcry will make them change their minds.

(It's fine to have subscription as an option, but definitely not as a replacement for a permanent license!)

JetBrains has announced some changes - they're still going to a subscription model, but the changes they've made are significant compared to the original announcement:

*     We are moving forward with subscriptions with important adjustments.
*     You will receive a perpetual fallback license once you pay for a year up front or 12 consecutive months.
*     You will receive up to 40% discount for continuous subscription.
*     You will be able to use the software without an Internet connection.
*     Current customers with active or recently expired upgrade subscription get first two years of subscription for the price of one.
*     We still recommend you take 10 minutes to read it all for the complete details.-
--- End quote ---

More detail:

Take particular note of which version becomes perpetual. It's the version that was in effect when a 12 month subscription period started, not the version in effect when a subscription expires.  Not ideal, but it's probably something that most people can work with.

A lot better!  My PHPStorm license would cost $74 under the old plan, and now it's $53.  That's an annual license, but the second year is free.


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