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Help! loooong delay!

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Ficus strangulensis:
The entire window is black.

a prtscn of the entire screen works ok [ from the prtscn key, the key bar at the top of my desktop or the choice in the right mouse key menu of the icon in the tray.]

The black active window results from either the keystroke combo or the bar at top of desktop.

How strange.. I may have to install electric sheep to try it.

Can you answer a few more questions:
1. When you perform an active window capture (alt+prtscr) now, is the capture size the correct size that you intended it to capture?
2. When you were using it before with the old setting and the long delay, was it capturing the image properly in that scenario?

I wonder if you might try disabling the two main options on the "Window Capturing 2" tab and see what happens..

Ficus strangulensis:
Re: y'r questions

1. without determining the pixel width and height, it seems to be the right size. The window edges and label "electric sheep" do appear in the black captures.
2. image captured properly with the old setting and long delay.

I'm running electricsheep from the "run in a window" sheep's head icon found under windows 'all programs' via the start menu.

I just tried capturing [using the active window keystroke combo] the entire screen filled with ES started by "preview" mode in the windows' screensaver chooser app and it seems to work fine.

It also works fine capturing the entire screen filled with ES while it is acting as a screensaver turned on after 5-min without user input.

I could use it this way but prefer to use the smaller, always on window which I can size for portrait or landscape postcard images.

I hope that's clear. If not, I'll try to clarify.



Ficus strangulensis:
Hi, Mouser.

I mucked about some more and learned:

If I start ES from its "settings" window [available by desktop context menu Item "personalization"/then screensaver -OR- from an item under ES in "all programs" under start menu] I can capture the active window with no perceptible delay and can resize/shape the window. Sometimes screen capture is accompanied by closing of the active window but not often enough to be bothersome.

So, I'm back in high cotton and happy.

Thanks for y'r help,

Y'r ol' Bud,


Glad you got it working well enough to suit you  :up:
The most surprising thing is hearing that the old method with the flashing black and long delay actually was able to capture the image but the no-delay, disable aero transparency wasn't.. I've never heard of that before and it's darn curious...


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