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Help! loooong delay!

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Ficus strangulensis:
I started using Screenshot Captor thru its menu bar and was getting the long delay after clicking the active window capture button. Then I switched to the <ALT> <PRTSCN> keystroke combination and got 'instant' capture! Horray.

That was yesterday. Today no matter what I've tried, there's an ~4sec delay, first a black border then a white border then the shutter sound.

I've tried setting and unsetting the capture delay and have searched HELP and this forum and, so far, have not found out what I'm doing differently today compared with yesterday.

I really detest the long delay when trying to capture Electricsheep!

Y'r [new] ol' Bud,


When performing an Active Window capture, SC tries to use an advanced method to capture partial-transparency that can be seen in some Windows themes.  This slows down capture, and for some apps could result in strange behavior (for example when the active window is a child window on top of a parent form).

Try this, disable the option "Try to capture Aero Glass transparency effect" on the "Window Capturing 1 tab:

Let me know how that works for you.

Welcome to the forum and thank you so much for your financial support -- the donations from people like you make it possible for me to keep improving and supporting my software!  I hope you'll make yourself at home here and join us in our discussions of all things.

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-Ficus strangulensis (September 08, 2015, 12:29 PM)
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Ficus strangulensis:
Thanks, Mouser.

That fixed the delay problem however now I get black window captures when electricsheep is running.

Y'r ol' Bud,


the entire window is black or just black around borders?
if you do a full screen capture (prtscr hotkey), does it look ok?


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