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Windows 10 All In one Shortcut bar

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The link below takes you to a page on InfoWorld where someone took the time to list what may be the most complete coverage of shortcuts to everything in Windows 10.

I ran across this pretty complete list of how to make your own shortcuts to all these new "features" in windows 10.  There are several I would like to have but too many to use up all the desktop real-estate it would take.

IF there was a way to make a kind of scroll wheel that presented each option as it rolled by you could have one MASTER Shortcut for everything.  Just scroll to where you wanted to go then click to get there. 

I am sure this could be done but I have no idea how to create the "Rolodex" effect to show these by clicking an up or down arrow.  I used it to make a handy shortcut to the location to "Forget"  WIFI networks so they can be "renewed". 

I have found this to be the best way to reconnect to a "flaky" Wi-Fi.  But finding the place to forget a network takes several clicks if you can remember them all.  They cannot just be forgotten from the same list they are joined from.

Anyway.  I  made the one I needed right now but I imagine having that Master Shortcut Icon would be a nifty tool as the link above seemed to list every imaginable need for many things that I did not even know there was a shortcut to.

Anyone have any ideas on how to build such a Multi-link shortcut roller? 

A collection of shortcut files to these would be wonderful to put in a Find and Run Robot alias, or a Launchbar Commander menu... Anyone?

hey Mouser, how about an easy one for you. 
This is a pet peeve that just got worse after the new EDGE
On IE, MS always had right click send shortcut to desktop.  With Edge that is gone and if it exists in Chrome I don't know where,
I have looked at various options to create a simple right click>send to>shortcut which would (I Hope) simply copy the contents of the clipboard that I would have selected and just say "copy to shortcut" with the option to Name it or simply use the first 10 or so characters.

I was trying to make shortcuts to places to send to people.
(and for my own reuse)
I know I can open an email highlight a word, embed the hyperlink  etc. but again, so much work for such a tiny thing.  IE appears to be gone forever or fast going and Edge doesn't seem interested in making people happy yet.

Is there some magic I just don't know that can do this?  None of the right click editor/enhancers could pull off that trick of creating a simple shortcut with a right click on selected text.  I ran across the same problem with all those nifty windows 10 shortcuts and had to go one by one:
copy text
right click
create shortcut
put it where you want it
and name it.

<sigh>  just getting lazy I guess or fingers are tired.
Wait  I know what it is.  DOG DAZE of SUMMER :)

A collection of shortcut files to these would be wonderful to put in a Find and Run Robot alias, or a Launchbar Commander menu... Anyone?
-mouser (September 08, 2015, 07:08 PM)
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Guess i was thinking to small :(
I pictured a one or two line scroll window where each command just showed to be clicked like on a scroll wheel.  Nice of MS to make them so easy to understand what happens which is why i don't think they even need  name other than the command itself.  It could even be a simple right click text list hyperlinked to the command.
But there sure are a lot of things that i know one day i will be desperately searching for :(  by then i will have lost this link too.

Otherwise, this FREE tweaker is just 495 KB in size and includes over 200 tweaks:

List of Tweaks available in Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10
Check out the complete list of over 200 tweaks available in Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10.

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