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CCleaner v5.10.5373 (24 Sep 2015) for download

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I have CCleaner from Piriform's CCleaner Professional Plus running, but after half a year I still don't dare to run Defraggler! Piriform is saying that Defraggler Professional also works with SSD, but everyone else say "do not defrag a SSD!". What am I to believe? My laptop's old SSD is depressingly slow, so a defrag MIGHT help - or brake...
-Curt (September 25, 2015, 02:06 AM)
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TRIM is a command implemented by the operating system to mark blocks on the SSD that should no longer be used and move any data there elsewhere.  It is only available in Windows 7 and later.  Although Windows should in theory detect an SSD and enable TRIM by default, that is not alway the case, so you should check to see if it is and enable it if not.

Many newer SSDs implement their own garbage collection routines and don't need TRIM, although some people advise leaving it enabled if Windows has enabled it.

Defragmenting a hard drive improves sequential access, but SSD access is always random, so it won't make any difference in read/write speed.  What it will do is increase the number of writes to the flash memory, which can reduce its useful life.  That's why you shouldn't defragment an SSD.

I use Defraggler on HDDs (and also in VMs before compacting them), never on SSDs.  If I understand Piriform's somewhat murky documentation, Defraggler checks the drive anyway and doesn't defragment if it thinks it is an SSD.  But why bother in the first place?

In Auslogics desk defrag pro help for SSD optimization it notes:
Reduces the number of write operations during standard defragmentation
to minimize wear of SSD drive

However from what Curt is saying I wonder if the Trim type operation is happening.  I used my SSD on Vista and the SSD driver had its own "refresh" mechanism to mark deleted storage as still in use until it could refresh it to bring the performance up to the original level.

In any case it probably won't hurt to defrag it once to see what happens provided it is backed up.

Edit: Also I would check the SSD manufacturer's web site as they may have newer software for use with it that may be downloaded.

DisableDeleteNotify = 0 : TRIM is already enabled and working in Windows
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Then I didn't click "Defrag", but "Optimize". However, the laptop did not become faster in any way.
How come this disabled my sound??? It seems multiple drivers suddenly have disappeared!!!  :(
Modified: sound problem now fixed.


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