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urgent free AVG expired request!

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My free AVG antivirus just gave me this Desktop pop-up window.
It looks like I am being cut off even from the so-called 'free' AVG antivirus protection.
Is AVG still protecting me, or what should I do?
I still have some days left on my paid Norton I can reinstall.
Or is there any other free antivirus I should switch to?
If I'm not protected, I need someone to confirm it asap. Tnx!
urgent free AVG expired request!

edit: just found this free AVG for 365 days offer, installed it, and it looks good so far.  :up:

Oh, goodness, it's been a few years since I have had AVG installed on a computer, but I'm not sure if those popups are really from AVG. The window title is odd, the Activate Now link is word wrapped, that button at the bottom says "Extend Your"... I think it is popup crapware trying to trick you into clicking things.

FWIW I redid all my A/V after all the myriad of Windows 10 upgrades at my house. I ended up putting Avast back onto my PC, but everyone else gets Bitdefender Free. It has basically no controls, but they shouldn't be doing anything that would require controls. Ymmv.

you might contact AVG if you don't get a response from here.  Go to the site, find their contact e-mail, and mail them the screenie to make sure it's legit.

bit, the message looks like from 'internet security' option of AVG which is in AVG PRO and can be enabled for 30 days in the free version.

AVG Free does not give any message for expiry. I have been using satisfactorily AVG Free since early days of AVG.

You may try this link to compare and download the free version, which will auto update but not expire. I have now AVG 2015 Free.



edit: just found this free AVG for 365 days offer, installed it, and it looks good so far.  :up:
-bit (September 05, 2015, 09:30 PM)
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@bit - I dont think the people who replied saw your edit - that should also be posted as a separate post (is now :p)


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