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How to completely uninstall Desktop Coral


I uninstalled this ages ago via Add/Remove programmes but every now and then I still get pop up system tray notifications (visit the website stuff). How do I get rid of this thing for good????

Running the uninstaller SHOULD have uninstalled it and stopped it from running and prevented any popups from system tray.
If you are still getting those, then the program itself is still running (in other words there is no separate process popping up that message so the program itself is still running).

SO, assuming that it is Desktop Coral giving you this message, do this:

* Double check that there is no DesktopCoral start menu folder in your start menu -- if there is, choose the uninstall item in that menu and you should be done.
Now, assuming that menu is not in your start menu because you already ran the installer:

* First, find the Desktop Coral icon in your system tray, and right-click on it and choose exit.  If you can't find it, just proceed to next step.
* Next, browse to C:\Program Files x86\DesktopCoral and delete that folder.

or re-install and uninstall the program, using REVO Uninstaller Pro (trial)
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