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Coding Snacks and Coding Lunches (or more!)


So while we're all going "let's revamp things", one area I see as a big ... area ... is to separate what is a fast  & dirty "snack" vs various kinds of really hard things the user had no idea of.

I have to take an example, so let's borrow from this one:
(In the good of DC!)

"I would like to find or request a program that will display a name in the context menu. It doesn't have to do anything other then say, Yes include this in the context menu and provide a name. I need a pair for the ALL Files (*) key, a pair for the Folder key, a pair for the Directory key, and perhaps just one for the All File and Folder Objects key as I only need to see the start of these menu items. It is all the same program but each one is compiled with a different menu name"

Summary is, it's "harder than it looks" and ((Oh how my that's bitten me!)).

I'm totally out of my depth but for ex that stopped being a Snack at some point.

I think we should work on that, because at reduced DC rates, there are profound things that can happen once the *user* shows he/she is committed a bit, because to me that's the signal bit lacking, not raw price but as noted earlier, spam "can you do X" and never appearing again.

Somewhere in there, I'd give a few of you $10 to do a few things but it works (unassumedly but let's tighten it a bit) I'm a DC Top 17 regular.

It might be interesting to see a system, either in the forums or in the CMS, where coding requests ("snack" or otherwise, hehe) can be made, and then those who have volunteered as coders can have a "coder" membership level/group and have the ability to rate the difficulty/time commitment, along with of course making replies/comments, posting files if they resolve it, etc. The original requester should have the ability to mark the request "resolved", and ideally in a better way than just by changing the title text. This suggests it might be better suited for being setup in the CMS where it would - I think - be easier to have custom content fields and permissions to handle this stuff. Maybe it's overkill, but if the idea is to encourage more requests *and* more fulfillment, and to better categorize and rank the challenge of these things, as well as keep track of longer-term and more challenging requests over time, then I think a semi-dedicated system (possibly based on a directory component or something) is really going to be needed. In other words if we want to see the "coding snack" concept not just supported but made to *thrive*, perhaps even take on a life of its own, then it needs to be promoted to first-class citizen on the website and given functionality appropriate to its needs.

P.S. Users voting on coding snacks they also would benefit from would also be cool, of course. ;) Then we can derive a value: level of difficulty/time vs. level of interest, and coders can make educated choices on what to focus on for the most bang for their time.

- Oshyan


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