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Official CMS Migration Progress Thread - September 2017

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To be honest, I am starting to be curious. :)

Still, there is that saying: "90% of any software related project takes 90% of the time, the remaining 10% takes the other 90% of the time..."

So there are a few things I could use help with:

* I could use a few people to go through the entire new site and look for typos, spelling errors, and other ways text could get improved on any given page, and to report these suggestions to me.
* I could use a few people to look for more general suggestions of ways the site appearance could be tweaked -- not looking for major change ideas at this point, just images or layouts that could be improved a bit.
* I could use one dedicated and detail oriented person to help build the big redirect list mapping old urls to new urls.  This won't be a fun job but it's a critical one that will make all of the old urls automatically redirect to new ones.  This job basically involves taking a list of the few hundred old urls and finding where on the new site the best matching new page is, and then building a list of these pairs.
* I could use a few people going through old (current website) and looking for pages that might have been missed and not reproduced on the new site.  This job has overlap with the one above.
(The new cms is hidden behind a password protect, so I will give you password to access the site.)

For those who are merely curious but aren't prepared to devote real time to helping at this point, hang in there -- I will soon make a video showing off the new site.  After we get everything tweaked we will open the beta to everyone here for a while before it goes live.

If you think my English is good enough, I can volunteer weekends. For a few weeks at least, those are completely my own.

Sure I can help !

Just because I have the virtue going for the unexpected ways , wrong ways, posting inadequatedly and so on.

I am the ideal betatester !



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