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Official CMS Migration Progress Thread - September 2017

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Are we allowed give critical feedback on the visuals, or is that premature
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Yeah probably best to wait.. When the new site is ready we will make it available for beta testing by folks, and then go through a period of testing and tweaking before it goes live.  That will be the time for people to make suggestions, etc.

Just a quick update that the new cms site has been marching forward relentlessly.. Not that much more to do..

The last 10% takes 90% of the time/work. :D :P

Spiffy :)

My eyes are wide open regarding the final details taking a lot of time.. There are still a lot of finishing touches.  But it's well into the home stretch with no turning back and no chance of not going live before the end of the year.
In fact we could basically go live now and do the rest of the improvement on a live site -- but I think it's better if it gets a little more polish and testing before that.

Hopefully by the end of September I can ask some of you to test out the beta site and look for any issues before we go live.

Then there is the matter of actually adding new CONTENT to the new site.. Like maybe bringing back the days when we had weekly columnists...


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