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Official CMS Migration Progress Thread - September 2017

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And here is what the new dcmembers site will be like, with a standardized way to give more dc member users their own website area for hosting their software:

Looks nice :)

I hope the maintenance angle works out  :up:

I hope the maintenance angle works out
--- End quote ---

one thing for sure it can't be worse than it is now :)

For beta testers of the cms site -- I have attempted to put in redirects for all of the old urls to map to the new ones.. Let me know if you find any old urls that dont go to the right place on the new site!

Was trying to use "open link in new tab" functionality in a browser for submenu items (of the menu along the top).  Noticed that when the pointer moved to the context menu (and hence off of the submenu), that the menu containing the submenu disappears.  Subsequently, choosing "open link in new tab" seems to work, but felt slightly disoriented.

Does this explanation make sense?


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