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Plugin Request: Active Directory users


I've been a devout user of DC software for 7 years now, and I think what mouser built here is one of the best communities on the net.
Thanks to everyone who participates here.

And now my request.
Does anyone know, (or knows how to build one), if there is a FARR plugin that will search trough AD users and groups?
I'm looking for something that will make searching for users and groups, with membership easy as pie, as FARR makes it for file content.

Hopefully someone here has the answer.

Sorry for the delayed reply.
There is no such plugin, however, FARR can do a pretty good job of executing a commandline tool and letting you search through the results.. is there a commandline tool somewhere that can output active directory users/groups?

You can do it using Powershell since it can access pretty much anything to do with ADs, eg:

Searching Active Directory with Windows PowerShell
Essential PowerShell Cmdlets for Managing Active Directory - This has good examples of searching for a user

excellent -- though note that you could use FARR to do the searching if powershell just prepared the list of all users/groups.

You can have Powershell format the output any way you like, eg:

--- Code: PowerShell ---Get-ADUser -Filter * | Format-Table Name
will return a list of names for all AD users - in theory, I've got no way to test it.

Output will be:

--- Code: Text ---Name----name 1name 2etcetc
Add the -HideTableHeaders parameter if you want to lose the headers, eg:

--- Code: PowerShell ---Get-ADUser -Filter * | Format-Table Name -HideTableHeaders
Get-ADGroup - cmdlet for listing/searching groups.

Full list of AD cmdlets:


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