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Hack font v.2

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Christopher Simpkins and others' hack font, which I neither knew nor have used (obviously) has been renewed. It presents itself as 'a typeface designed for source code' and is open source. I'm trying it right now and it is actually the first font which I think could make me abandon Consolas.

Hack 9 is about the same height as Consolas 10, but a bit narrower (which is not a disadvantage at all).

Hack font v.2

That screenshot looks pretty nice!

Looking at the website you can see how much work has gone into publicizing the font.

Whenever we talk about programming fonts we also can't forget to mention the Dina programming font, created by DC member Jibz -- which is different because it's fixed width and suitable at very low font sizes:

I'll definitely give it a try.  From a quick glance, one problem I might run into is that the "filled zero" ('0') tends to look somewhat like an "at sign" ('@').  I'll have to see if this is really a problem in practice.

The only thing bothering me so far is the fact that Hack's 1 looks like Consolas' lower-case l, which I'm obviously very used to now. And I like the look of Consolas' 1 better as well. On the other hand I like Hack's lower-case l better :)

As pointed out in the HN discussion, it is very similar to DejaVu. Comparison gif:

From a quick glance, I quite like it, except for two things; the zero and the letter i.


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