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AWS security woes

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Thanks for the warning :up:

For the casual user -- just doing simple backup -- this seems to make Amazon S3 no longer worthwhile.
I presume that my automatic backups to S3 would no longer work with two-factor authentication.
-tomos (September 01, 2015, 11:57 AM)
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It's a different area, which is the reason they suggest having different keys with different users.  I have a key that I use for all of my backups that has only rights to the s3 bucket.  That one doesn't have two factor.  But if they get in, the only thing they can do is write to my backup bucket. It doesn't even have the rights to delete.  Just add. 

^ That's in the original post.  And it wasn't a bug in Visual Studio, which is the reason that the thread wasn't titled as such.  It was because of a bug in the OSS git implementation that was an option in VS.

From that first link:

Scott Hanselman, Phil Haack, the GitHub team and Microsoft have all been in contact with me about this. Unlike the title of this post suggests, this is actually a problem with the GitHub extension that ships with Visual Stuido 2015. The GitHub Extension for Visual Studio is an open source project primarily maintained by GitHub but was initially jointly developed with Microsoft.

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I apologize -- i have corrected the topics in the rest of the messages.

I apologize -- i have corrected the topics in the rest of the messages.
-mouser (September 02, 2015, 10:48 PM)
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Not a problem :)  The other title is more sensational... which he even talked about in the post :)  But I'd prefer it be accurate rather than attention getting :) :Thmbsup: Onward!

Aw smokes, I did a search, why did I not see this before I posted? :(
Sorry for the dupe.  Mouser, you can erase mine, it doesn't add anything but the misleading tagline, and I totally missed the fact that it was the extension that had the bug, not VS.

Still, it seem somebody at MS or GitHub should have caught this bug long ago.  Is it that uncommon to make private repos on GitHub?


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