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What do people think of the default option to show a popup messagebox when you receive a new personal message on the forum?
-mouser (September 02, 2015, 12:32 PM)
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I'd like to turn it off, but it didn't happen often enough yet to dive into my profile setting to find that setting :-[

There is a setting for it somewhere -- i'm just thinking i should probably disable it by default.


Seems enabled by default

Yes i've enabled it by default.  Question is whether i should disable by default.

I thought about it some more and maybe its best to enable by default.  People who rarely get messages will not miss the rare message, and people who frequently get messages will be advanced enough to change the option.

Forum loads quickly for me. And except the white theme, I think I like the new change. Not sure about the quirks for now.

Good to see things changing here.



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