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I'd be more interested in getting the buddy-list visible in the current user list at the forum-frontpage by them having a different color (or colour for the UK based members) like old dc had
-Ath (September 06, 2015, 01:00 PM)
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Can you elaborate on that -- remind me what it used to look like.  seems like a trivial fix once i know what i'm looking for.

To clarify, it looks to me from looking at the html of the page, the members in the member list i think you are talking about, are being colored/styled differently based on whether they are buddies, admins, etc.
But it may just be that the differentiations are subtle (bolding, etc.).

So first step is for you to tell me if indeed they are being styled different just not clearly enough, or is there some other problem that we are looking at different things, etc.

The only difference I currently see is for the members that I clicked on their name to view their profile. Admins used to be red (saw that when you had un-hidden your status for a short while) and buddies used to be boldface, and possibly dark-blue, but it was quite different from both 'visited link' and 'un-visited link'. Now buddies aren't recognizable at all.

Now buddies aren't recognizable at all.
-Ath (September 06, 2015, 01:23 PM)
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can you just confirm to me that we are talking about the same list? maybe a screenshot, or if you view source, do you see that indeed your buddies are being shown differently with <strong> or <em> and its just hard to see the differences?

Having said that, we do now have some spare room for new buttons, and I am happy to add more bbc code buttons that people think might be important.
-mouser (September 06, 2015, 11:25 AM)
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I'l go all sideways and say "watch out for the FireFox-Chome wars".

I have *zero* interest in whether it's a Mozilla Gecko or Google Blink engine. I am a Software UI guy. Give me the existing program and I can probably find a few new things to do with it.

But I *abhor* this whole "reduce noise" approach that then leads you to a single gear icon and ... oh look! they removed 77% of the features along the way! But look! It's a Gear Icon! It's so simple! Who can argue simple?!

Uh ...

So y'all in the chat room have seen my haphazard experiments with FF clones. And believe me, that big new announcement "all add-ons will drop Mozilla API and have to be (our competitor) compatible in X time frame" ... is DEF a big game of poker!

Please organize your forum members on a campaign
for unlimited own posts editing time on simplemachines forum -

otherwise Humans do experience the predicaments
          in requesting the mods development,

including the Ignore User Button mod

in part of adding of the option
to Ignore the posts of not ignored members
          with the quotes of the ignored members' posts
          and/or just with quotes
          with global grivitoutiks in short format.


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