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VB.NET ListView data from DLL (now working)


I want to pass the name of a directory in as a string into a DLL and and pass back some of the information about the files in the directory and put it into a ListView (or something like it). I have this working as a class, but there I can pass the list view object into the class, a DLL will not allow me to pass the list view object. So what type of object do I need to pass that will load easily into a list view with sub-items?

The only thing I could find on the internet anywhere was the list view needed to be passed as an object, but there was no example, so if that is the case I will probably have more questions like does the object than need to be cast in the DLL and if so what needs to be imported, because I was getting no where.

Thank You

I got it to work.

--- Code: Visual Basic ---Imports System.Windows.Forms Public Class MyDllClass    Public Sub fillListView(lv As Object)        lv.anchor = AnchorStyles.Top Or AnchorStyles.Bottom Or AnchorStyles.Left Or AnchorStyles.Right        lv.CheckBoxes = True        lv.FullRowSelect = True        lv.View = System.Windows.Forms.View.Details          ' Adding ListView Columns        lv.Columns.Add("Emp Name", 100, HorizontalAlignment.Left)        lv.Columns.Add("Emp Address", 150, HorizontalAlignment.Left)        lv.Columns.Add("Title", 60, HorizontalAlignment.Left)        lv.Columns.Add("Salary", 50, HorizontalAlignment.Left)        lv.Columns.Add("Department", 60, HorizontalAlignment.Left)         Dim str(5) As String        Dim itm As ListViewItem        str(0) = "Rob Machy"        str(1) = "100 North Ave"        str(2) = "Business Manager"        str(3) = "89,000"        str(4) = "Development"        itm = New ListViewItem(str)        lv.Items.Add(itm)         str(0) = "Bob Machy"        str(1) = "101 North Ave"        str(2) = "Business Manager"        str(3) = "89,001"        str(4) = "Development 1"        itm = New ListViewItem(str)        lv.Items.Add(itm)     End Sub End Class   


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