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Ark: Survival Evolved is free for the weekend on Steam (through Aug 31, 2015)

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You caught me!

Yup! I had intended to hold off before purchasing it, but I had too much fun! That, and my brother got it, and I really wanted to play it with him after the trial was over.


Good news, everyone!

I found Carbuncle!!

And my beached Ichthyosaur somehow got loose into the water, so it can swim around finally!

All three of my Dilophosaurs got murdilized by a Dimorphodonw. I was feeling pretty confident and attacked it. It fought back from the sky, and called in its friends, who made short work of me and my Dilos. :(

But I went and tamed 4 more Dilosaurs, found Carbuncle, and then shortly thereafter my other carbonemys, Charon, got lost. I'm planning a search and rescue mission for Charon later today, but we'll see how it goes.

ARK is currently on sale for $20 on the Humble Store:

Anyone who is interested can get ARK and a few other mystery games for $12 in the Humble Monthly Bundle.

It looks like they've taken the Online PVP mode, called Survival of the Fittest, and released it as a free-to-play game, with no micropayments/IAP/DLC as far as I can tell.

Survival of the Fittest

We are excited to announce that ARK: Survival of the Fittest is now available as a totally free, standalone, ‘Multiplayer Online Survival Arena’ built for eSport gameplay!

SotF originated as a spin-off mod which came to be with the release of our ARK: Survival Evolved development kit. The mode was first available as a ‘Total Conversion’ and debuted worldwide with a 70-person slaughter fest of a tournament. Following the success of the game mode, tournaments, and feedback from the community, SotF has been refactored into its own competitive game including four new modes, a robust ranking system, massively boosted performance, cosmetic-tiered rewards, lobbies/parties/on-demand-matchmaking, and constant iteration. That’s not all though! On top of releasing as a free to play game, SotF will also be awarding cash prizes for the top players in each ‘Survivor League’, so ARK survivors can start playing their favourite game at a professional competitive level!-
--- End quote ---

I prefer the slower, more relaxed*, solo/coop play. But for those who enjoy competitive PVP, check it out.

IMO it looks like they borrowed heavily from the general concept behind The Hunger Games.

*But still somewhat nerve wracking and dangerous with all those wild dinos out trying to eat you!


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