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Friendly Face of Death (Windows 10)!

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My upgrade to Windows 10 was a good one, so I was surprised when I read how Lincoln Spector from Windows Secrets had some terrible experiences when upgrading to Win 10.

I merely bring you a short snippet, read the full story at

Reviewing the issues, starting with the crashes

The worst problem hit on day two. When I tried to lower the volume on my music, suddenly Win10 wouldn’t respond. Then the mouse pointer started behaving erratically. Within a minute, the music stopped entirely, the external monitor went black, and then the laplet’s monitor turned blue.

I was suffering my first experience of the Win10 version of a Blue Screen of Death (but not the last). Surprisingly, it’s a big improvement over the vintage BSoD. Instead of the usual technical mumbo-jumbo, you see a big, sad-face emoticon (which I dubbed the Friendly Face of Death — FFoD) and clear, concise text that tells you what to search for online.

Win10 FFoD

Figure 1. Win10's Blue Screen of Death provides a friendlier face and a bit less-obscure information than do previous Windows versions.

Still, that was not much consolation. The first crash occurred on day two, in the middle of work. Two days later, it happened again. On day six, Win10 crashed twice! Each crash was preceded by erratic Windows behavior and no response from the keyboard and mouse. Two more crashes the next day effectively ended the 30-day experiment.

(...) Spector from Windows Secrets
--- End quote ---

Anyway, it's good that the new error message actually gives you an useful information rather than the former useless search without knowing what you are searching for

That error screen arrived with Windows 8 - didn't have to read the article to know he upgraded from Windows 7 :)

So there was nothing new?!!  :o  Hehe..., so now you know, I too upgraded from 7.  I purchased a license key for a 64-bits Windows 8 Pro when it was on pre-launch sale, but at first I didn't dare to install it because "Update Advisor" said my hardware back then was too outdated, and later on I wouldn't have it anyway, because people in general kept telling how bad W8 was. Now I have a 32-bits machine with W10, so I've never used my W8 key. I have actually never used Windows 8 at all.

Hence this outdated news  :-[

Former BSOD screens did/do display the reason and error code of what happened to cause the BSOD. In that sense, these BSOD's were/are not useless.

However, that info was/is presented in an unclear way and gone way too soon for most to identify where the reason and error code were/are shown.

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