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plink - a super intuitive multiplayer music experience


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create music with randoms on the internet? Well, wonder no more!

plink allows  you to create tones with your mouse with other people across the world. This opens a wide variety of possibilities for sound. Select different colors for different sounds and move your mouse to change the tone!

Have fun!

fun stuff. :up:

It's kind of fun seeing the spontaneous cooperation that occurs between two (or more) random people on the internet.

I was just minding my own business, getting a feel for all the notes of each instrument. I found an instrument that I liked and was just slowly moving back and forth from the top to the bottom, when suddenly I realized that another player was mirroring me. He (or she) would try to stay synced with me, but on the opposite end of the screen as me.

We did that for several measures until I ruined everything by deciding to try out more instruments.

It was pretty cool.

Awesome! Kinda like the old: "I was just playing out on the rooftop one night when someone I couldn't see started jamming with me!" updated for the Internet era. (Still happens in college towns and cities a lot. Happened to me a few times, except I was just playing in my bedroom with the window open when it did.)

Now how cool is that? 8)


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