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Customization of FARR icons


Hello Mouser,
I would like to customize FARR's icons in order to make them look modern and match the style of Windows 8.1/10. As far as I understand, several image resources (such as the tray icon image resources) used by FARR for icons are embedded in FARR's binaries and thus are difficult to customize. Could it be possible to make these embedded image resources external like the rest of the icons used by FARR (that is, as independent graphic files in a subfolder), so that they can be easily customized without needing to hack FARR's binaries?
Thanks in advance for your kind assistance on this matter,

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply -- i've been super busy working on our forum upgrade here.

I like this idea and will try to add it.  :up:

This would indeed be a very very welcome addition, I second that. :Thmbsup:

In fact my only real gripe with FARR throughout my years with it has been about the appearance and 'skinability' of the application. I wish it was easier to customize the general appearance/themes and icon style of FARR, especially to make it match the OS style.
I plan on upgrading to Windows 10 soon-ish and would love nothing more than to revamp FARR's UI to integrate it better (you know, the usual, more flat colors, monochrome icons, minimal appearance) etc, so big thumbsup from me

Support for a custom tray icon is implemented, will be in the next beta.


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