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create shortlinks to urls in a folder from a txt file with the url list

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^  ;D
the contrast there between the quote and the response just made my evening :-*
-tomos (August 28, 2015, 04:23 PM)
--- End quote ---

I am very engaged consulting in firefox forums about bookmarks
I am debugging why my system has so strange behaviour

I will inform

My first error : bookmarks.html is not the bookmark database in firefox (places.sqlite)

But for me now don't go ffbookmarksunpack.ahk . Only creates empty folders.
I have maintained the above database (places.sqlite) with a firefox addon places maintenance
i have tried in other pc with the same result.

But I could in the past with ffbookmarksunpack.ahk . So i am making something wrong i don't know

I think is time to ask for help to Nod5


I have put to true in about:config

and have located the profile firefox folder with
about:support - show folder -Y:\FIREFOX PERFILES\PEPE

closes firefox . execute ffbookmarksunpack.exe

In firefox forums the only related problem may be with :


a space may be the problem with the script ?

Hi Contro. The paths can contain spaces, that is not the issue.

Are you sure you have the correct path to the profile folder?
My path has this format (the xi3je3ww.default part is the name of a folder not a file):

Have you doublechecked that there is a file named bookmarks.html in the profile folder? (IIRC firefox writes to that file when the browser closes so you may have to close and restart Firefox in order for that file to appear.)

If there is a bookmarks.html in the profile folder then perhaps there is some language dependent variation in syntax that trips up the script. Could you post a small snippet from that file, a few lines that shows an url or two would be enough.

Another thing to check: perhaps there is a write permission issue. Test changing the output folder to something else e.g. C:\testfolder and see if that makes a difference.


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