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create shortlinks to urls in a folder from a txt file with the url list

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Given that you have a textfile with one URL per line then this autohotkey script should do the trick. Adjust the paths to what folders you'll use.

--- ---Loop, Read, C:\folder\textfilewithoneURLperline.txt
name := StrReplace(A_LoopReadLine,"http://","")
name := StrReplace(name,"https://","")
name := SubStr( RegExReplace(name, "[/<>\?\\:*\|]"," ") , 1, 70)
IniWrite, A_LoopReadLine, C:\urlfolder\%name%.url, InternetShortcut, URL

If you use Firefox then maybe FFBookmarkUnpack may be of use to do a one time unpack of all your firefox bookmarks into subfolders with .url files,

-Nod5 (August 25, 2015, 03:56 PM)
--- End quote ---

The ahk script works very well too.
Best Regards

Just studying and re-linking an re-vising and re-memoring .
Damn Memory !!!!!!!!!!!!

I have shortcutty from Nod5
*** JOSE ***  June 4, 2010 at  1:24am


Shortcutty adds a context menu entry to Explorer to create a shortcut and place it in another folder.
The (optional) companion tool Shortcutta moves shortcuts from a folder to the active Explorer window's folder when a hotkey is pressed.

I am trapped now with FileNotes.

I also found a script from Ewemoa about shortcuts

And diving in the wonderful world of JSON

Wait for me , eh . I don't have a quick and easy answer...


I need to reiniate now.
I am observing the cursor thinking.
I have adopted again shortcutty.
I like alto FileNoter.
After strange behavior with Everything bookmarks seems not appear . I have several. But finally i go to the folder and process in the ini file of ffbookunpacker .
Seems perfect and very powerful.
But i have the cursor blinking sometimes and need to reiniate.
A strange thing happen to me was the false dissapearing of an "unpacker" folder i create in my desktop. But was here.

Trying again with Everything
In the closing i receive error about BtTray.exe , seem to be related with bluetooth device.
now the bookmarks.html appear with 28959 kb . Before was 8 kb and seems to be dissapeared, but the value was correct inspecting the folder.
So seems Everything.
I have now a powerful unpacker folder created by ffbookmarksunpacker
If I move the cursor out of this edit window the thinking circle in windows 8.1 appear. Is normal ?
Well i am going to put ffbookmarksunpacker in the startup folder.

I launch ffbookmarksunpacker.exe with 15 seconds delayed with startup delayed

I continue with JSON world and the scripts from 4wd

Best Regards

Thanks a lot Nod5 for good scripting


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