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Weird Firefox hangs since 40.x?

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Is anyone else on Windows getting weird FF hangs since 40.x?  I backed off from 40.02 to 40.0.  Still getting spinning circles in tabs and weird hangs.  Think I am going back to 39.03.  That was more stable if I remember rightly.

Too soon to say for sure.  But 39.03 seems much better at remaining responsive.

No hangs here, but more crashes :(

Could "Encrypted Media Extensions" (EME) be the problem? Like some of the other new Firefox browsers, version 40.0.2 also comes in a "EME-free" version: I am running this version and it is faster than the normal 40.0.2 - but other than the speed, I don't understand or sense what's the difference.


now 40.0.3


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