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Malware uptick using WordPress Exploit


If you run a WordPress site, make sure it's updated and secure..

From ArsTechnica today:

Attackers have hijacked thousands of websites running the WordPress content management system and are using them to infect unsuspecting visitors with potent malware exploits, researchers said Thursday.

The campaign began 15 days ago, but over the past 48 hours the number of compromised sites has spiked, from about 1,000 per day on Tuesday to close to 6,000 on Thursday,

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And it's not just some random even high profile site, but the sheer number makes for minimum 12,000 person-hours of repair and update just the servers, times a fully-valued $25 per man hour, that's $150,000 in damages not counting any of the other things-times-6000 that need to be done!


So what's the solution here? Nothing in that article stated whether the latest version of WordPress was vulnerable or not.

If you run a WordPress site, make sure it's updated and secure..-mouser (September 18, 2015, 08:08 AM)
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If you're running a WordPress site, switch to something else.

They've had way too many security incidents - I doubt they'll ever produce anything secure.


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